Student Resources for Shiraev/Zubok, International Relations 3e, including:

  • An enhanced eBook that integrates Eric B. Shiraev and Vladislav M. Zubok’s engaging narrative with a rich assortment of audio and video resources
  • 10 chapter quizzes, chapter exams and Check My Learning quizzes designed to help students focus on grasping the important material from each section and self-assess their progress
  • 10 chapter summaries and sets of flashcards for students to review central content from each chapter
  • A set of essay questions for each chapter, helping students to go deep into the content, and form their own opinions through guided dialogue and relevant class assignments
  • Web activities for each chapter featuring external materials that help students understand topics through interactive participation
  • External CNN Videos and Video Quizzes that bring International Relations to life, allowing students to witness important historical moments
  • "Issue Navigators" that provide comprehensive overviews of central topics of debate such as climate change and free trade
  • 7 Simulations that ask students to take on challenges like negotiating a peace treaty or stopping an epidemic; designed to help students learn through interactive participation
  • A "Media Tutorial" that tackles the nuances of international issues, particularly focusing on the importance of media coverage
  • External web links corresponding to each chapter, including databases, video content, articles, and media, that help facilitate further outside research

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