This website is designed to provide you with all of the digital resources that accompany your Oxford University Press textbook. In most cases these resources will be free to use without needing to create an account or redeem an access code. The quickest way to find the resources for your textbook is to use the site search in the header of every page; for best results search for your book’s ISBN, title, or author. You can also find instructions on finding specific resources and a site URL in the front matter of your textbook. If you can’t find your resources using the steps above please contact technical support by clicking here.

Resources that feature additional, paid content

Some of our large digital resource collections contain materials that require payment in order to access. These materials include interactive eBooks, simulations, online quizzing, and streaming media libraries. You can explore all materials in a digital resource collection by using the steps above to find resources for your textbook and then using the left navigation menu to sort by chapter or type of content. Any resource that is displayed with a white-on-red lock icon will require additional registration steps for you to view. If you decide that you would like to use these additional resources please follow the access instructions at the top of that page.

If the instructions indicate that the resources require an account but are otherwise free to use please scroll down and follow the instructions for “resources that require free registration”. If the instructions provide a purchase URL to our online shopping cart, follow the link and follow the provided instructions to complete your purchase. If you received an access code with the purchase of a new textbook you will need to enter that code during check-out to correctly discount the cost of the digital resources. We highly recommend using your school email address for these purchases.

Once you have completed the check-out process you will receive an email containing instructions for setting up your site password and logging into the site. If you experience any difficulties following the steps above please contact technical support by clicking here.

Resources that require free registration

Occasionally our digital resources contain licensed material that are free to use but due to licensing agreements each student who views them is required to login to a secure account. You can request a free account by clicking here; a registration code is not required. Once your request has been received you will be sent a confirmation email that contains a link that you will need to visit in order to complete your account setup.

Once you have an account and have logged in please use the steps above to find the digital resources for your textbook. A free-registration link will be presented to you. Clicking this link will provide your account with access to all resources, please make sure you login to your account each time to visit the site to ensure there are no issues with access.

If the steps above do not work for any reason please contact technical support by clicking here.

Managing your subscriptions

Most of the resource collections on this site that require an account have a subscription length of 180 days. Occasionally subscriptions will last for a full year. To view your active subscriptions and to see when access to your resources will expire please visit your account by clicking here.

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