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Rethinking Security explores the dimensions of past and present modern national security and the (unevenly distributed) wars and peace of the future.
World politics review is a blog devoted to day-to-day evolution of international affairs

Understanding the French Revolution by Donald M.G. Sutherland

The Changing Face of Warfare by Max Boot
Parag Khanna describes the complex forces at play as emerging-market countries strive for development and strategic alliances in the "geopolitical marketplace.
How did NATO survive the Cold War? Introduction by Jamie Shea

Journal articles

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Appeasement: Before and After Revisionism from Diplomacy & Statecraft, Volume 19, Issue 3
The Diffusion of Revolution: '1848' in Europe and Latin America, from International Organization (2009), 63
Ensuring Peace: Foreign-Imposed Regime Change and Postwar Peace Duration, 1914-2001, from International Organization (2008), 6
The United States and the End of the Cold War: Reactions to Shifts in Soviet Power, Policies, or Domestic Politics?, from International Organization (2007), 61
The Global Impact of 1989 - Special issue of Global Society, Volume 24 Issue 1 2010
Susumu Suzuki and Volker Krause, "Determinants of civil war in post-colonial Asia, 1950-1992: the role of trade openness and economic development," International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 2005 5(1):31-57