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What proficiencies should history majors possess when they graduate? What threshold skills should a student bring to the history major? What competencies does a lower-division history course provide as part of a liberal education or a general education program? How can these capabilities and aptitudes be taught in the short class time, constrained circumstances, and diverse classrooms of today’s universities?

These are questions that matter deeply to history instructors seeking strategies that embrace the teaching of historical competencies for student success and lifelong achievement and at the same time produce a durable understanding of the lessons and themes that can only come from an appreciation of the past. Over the past decade, Trevor Getz has made the argument that content can be interwoven with skills in carefully designed units or units that are delivered to students by in an affordable and engaging, active-learning environment. Producing these kinds of units, however, requires marrying what we know about pedagogy and educational cognition with the lessons of years of teaching experience and research expertise in the field of world history. Today’s history survey course is ready for just such an approach.

Uncovering History is a collection of three digital units for World, Western, and U.S. History that provide tools History instructors can use to teach historical thinking skills. This component-based approach of Uncovering History offers maximum flexibility to instructors in how they assign individual units. Uncovering World History will launch in summer 2020.  Uncovering US History and Uncovering Western Civilization will launch in summer 2021.

Each unit will launch with six-seven modules, divided evenly between those that correspond to the first half of the survey course and those that correspond to the second of a survey course. Each module is designed to be completed in about one week of class time, equating to approximately three class meetings.

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