Chapter 4 Web links and web activities

Vertebrate development II: Xenopus and zebrafish

Setting up the body axes
This Embryology Tutorial from Jeff Hardin walks you through the stages of frog development with images and movies. View the cortical rotation sequences (Figure 4.3 Wolpert text) and learn how UV irradiation alters this essential step in early development. How could you reproduce this experiment in your laboratory? For some added fun, view the video clip of frogs in space on the Space Shuttle: 
Members of the "TGF-ß" family of signaling molecules play a crucial role in early patterning events (Box 4A Wolpert text). What is TGF-ß? After answering this question learn more about its role in human development, physiology, and disease. Go to the NCBIs Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database (OMIM) and search for "tgfb". Report on TGF-ß and its role in a variety of diseases.