Web Research Activities

1. Research three policies (foreign or domestic) that are of interest to you. Based on the knowledge you have developed over the term, are you able to better identify the ways in which race and ethnicity play a role in the development of these policies? Based on your research, demonstrate how at least one of these policies is unexpectedly influenced by race and ethnicity (whether in terms of the purpose of the policy or in terms of the ideas held by policy makers).

2. Search for international reactions to the Trump administration’s attempts to institute a ban on people from seven Muslim-majority nations. Choose at least four nations to examine. What types of reactions did you find and what might this mean in terms of international relations based on U.S. foreign policy?

3. Search for information on how FEMA handled the Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma in order to find the similarities and differences. Compare these results with the Trump administration’s purported reasoning behind the possible use of emergency powers to build a wall along the border with Mexico.