Essay Questions

1. Discuss current approaches to domestic and foreign policy. How do these concepts differ? Are they given the same degree of attention in the current government? Why or why not?

2. Discuss the importance of agenda setting to policy making. Based on the American political system, to what degree is there substantial democratic representation in the policy-making process?

3. Examine the ways in which race, ethnicity, gender, and class influence the policy-making process. Focus particularly on policy implementation and provide examples.

4. Consider the ways in which the three branches of government work to influence policy. What are the similarities and differences in the approaches and powers of the legislative and executive branches? How do institutional structures help or hinder each of these branches? To what degree can we argue that the judicial branch has a role in policymaking?

5. Examine the ways in which the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances influence the policymaking processes.