Essay Questions

1. Discuss the reasons why the United States only has two dominant political parties, whereas some other democratic nations have more. Would it be possible for more parties to enter the U.S. political arena and share power with the current dominant parties? If so, how?

2. Examine the various aspects of political campaigns. What makes some campaigns more successful than others? Provide examples. Additionally, be sure to address the issue of campaign strategies.

3. Discuss the degree to which voter suppression is a problem in the United States. Evaluate the idea that voter suppression has always been an important feature of the American political system. If voter suppression continues to be a problem in the United States, what forms does it take currently?

4. How was the 2016 presidential election unusual as compared to most other presidential elections? In what ways can this be seen as positive and/or negative in the midst of the maintenance of established political institutions?

5. Discuss the topic of campaign strategies. How have these strategies changed over time? Which strategies have been most successful in recent elections? Which have been least successful? What factors contribute to how a candidate chooses to run his or her campaign?