Web Research Activity

1. Search for information concerning Executive Order 9066 and Japanese American internment. Examine the social, economic, and political ramifications of the internment for this group.

2. Search for the March and April 1776 letters between John Adams and Abigail Adams, as well as the May 1776 letters from John Adams to James Sullivan. Examine these letters in the context of the three theoretical foundations of the American government (classical liberalism, classical republicanism, and the tradition of exclusion/inegalitarianism).

3. Examine the institutional makeup of various nations across the world (such as Great Britain, South Africa, Iran, Ghana, and Saudi Arabia). Compare and contrast with the institutional makeup of the United States.

4. Search for resources on John Locke regarding his writings on life, liberty, and property and consider the degree to which these influenced how the founders incorporated his ideas into the institutions they created.