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Global Voices collects blogs and translated blog overviews from all over the world, albeit with with a certain emhpasis on low-income countries
Nicholas D. Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times manages this "on the ground" blog, dealing with, among other things, human rights and globalisation
The Long War Journal is dedicated to providing original and accurate reporting and analysis of the Long War (also known as the Global War on Terror). This is accomplished through its programs of embedded reporters, news and news aggregation, maps, podcasts, and other multimedia formats.
Environmental Sciences Information has as its main purpose to communicate about useful resources for research in the (Princeton) Library & beyond.
Project on Nuclear Issues: Debates the Issues pushes the nuclear debate forward with daily posts, original contributions by members, and guest commentary from senior experts.
The Monkey Cage is a wide-spectrum political science blog with a self-appointed remit to "publicize political science research; to provide informed commentary on political events and issues; to think aloud; and to indulge [the authors'] non-academic interests"
Poverty News comments on the struggle against poverty around the world
Brusselsblog is Financial Times's covers everything from the European Union's foreign and economic policies to the fortunes of its political leaders - as well as the more light-hearted aspects of life in Europe.
Asian Security Blog is an attempt by political scientist Robert E. Kelly to graph IR theory onto Asian affairs
Latin America News Review is intended for those who want to read press articles that contain unique insights - as well as information that is often hard to find - about Latin American politics, economy and society. Political scientist Justin Delacour compiles news articles on a regular basis and occasionally includes his own analysis.
The Middle East Institute Review Blog is updated by the editor of that journal and aims to put Middle Eastern Events in Cultural and Historical Context
Globalisation and the Environment examines economic aspects of the globalisation and the environment debate
Poverty Matters Blog is the Guardian's blog about development issues


Some of the links here are to resources on iTunesU and you will need to have iTunes installed in order to access them.
Lynn Hunt, UCLA Professor of Modern European History, discusses the genesis of human rights, a concept that only came to the forefront during the eighteenth century. When the American Declaration of Independence declared all men are created equal and the French proclaimed the Declaration of the Rights of Man during their revolution, they were bringing a new guarantee into the world. But why then? How did such a revelation come to pass?
Neeraj Negi, evaluation officer for the World Bank discusses The Politics of Resource Allocation
Nuclear Power Without Nuclear Proliferation
War & Terror, interview with Philip Bobbitt, Columbia Law School
Trading Places: The Role of the US and EU in International Environmental Politics
A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Illusion or Possibility
Nuclear Weapons and International Conflict - T.V. Paul
The Philosophy of Conflict Resolution by John Hume
Francis Fukuyama: The End Of History Revisited by Francis Fukuyama

Journal articles

Please note that to access some of the articles in this section you will require a username and password. You may need to contact your institution to obtain login details.
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